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Monday, December 28, 2020

Navajo Rug Cleaning


Navajo rugs are among the most beautiful and unique rugs in the weaving world.  Their bright colors, their bold motifs, and the beautiful composition of countless pieces are what have cemented Navajo rugs as timeless works of art.  The beautiful Navajo rugs above, with its vibrant blue and beige color palette, and its striking geometric motifs, would look stunning on a wall, floor, sofa, or virtually anywhere.  Similar to any hand woven rug, Navajo rugs should be professionally cleaned every few years.  A professional rug cleaning, even if it is done every few years or so, will go a long way in preserving these beautiful rugs for generations.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Navajo Rug Repair - Process and Final Result

As with most other rug restoration and rug repair projects, our first step in our recent project was professionally cleaning the Navajo rug.  Cleaning is advised so that embedded particles are removed from the fibers, and so that the yarns used in the repaired section will match as closely as possible the color of the (clean) original rug.

After cleaning the Navajo rug, we nailed the rug to a wooden frame and then extended warp at the rug's edge.  The vertical strands pictured above are the new warp threads.

Finally, we rewove the weft keeping the original motif and color palette.  The final result, pictured above, is our latest Navajo rug repair.  With proper care and cleaning, this rug can be enjoyed for years to come.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Navajo Rug Repair

One of my favorite projects to work on are Navajo rug repairs.   I always find myself marveling at how communities as far apart from each other as those in my native Turkey and the Navajo people from the Americas use similar motifs, color patterns, and weaving techniques to express their art and enrich their homes.  The Navajo rug above, comprised of a beautiful black, grey, and beige color palette, had begun to unravel at its sides, a common problem with Navajo and other kinds of rugs.  The corner shown in the picture above suffered from a compromised selvage.  An early repair was able to minimize the risk of damage to the field of the Navajo rug.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Navajo Rug Repair

Above is a picture of the completed Navajo rug repair.  We rewove the compromised warp and weft and bound the edges so as to minimize the risk of future unraveling.  Below is a picture of the complete Navajo rug.  Note the beautiful pale colors form a calm yet powerful motif.  It is a truly beautiful example of Navajo weaving.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Navajo Rug Repair

The picture above is of a Navajo rug (technically, a Navajo flat weave) in need of repair.  Corners of rugs and flat weaves are always particularly vulnerable to damage, particularly because of traffic patterns, aggressive vacuuming, and the occasional hungry pet.  We were fortunate to get this piece entrusted to us relatively soon before further damage and unraveling occurred.  Often what may seem like a minor damage to a corner can compromise both the warp and weft of a flat weave.   Navajo rug repairs and restoration projects usually require different yarns than Persian and Turkish pieces.  Navajo rugs are usually woven with thicker yarns than their Middle Eastern counterparts.  Much of the technique is the same, however, and the result equally as beautiful.